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Peter Parker(Spider-Man) and Kate Bishop(Hawkeye) by SilentmanX Peter Parker(Spider-Man) and Kate Bishop(Hawkeye) :iconsilentmanx:SilentmanX 13 0 Mary Bromfield/Madam Thunder by SilentmanX
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Peter Parker(Spider-Man) and Kate Bishop(Hawkeye)
My second commission for my personal project, and once again with thanks to Bayushi

Based on one of my fanfics, I've been thinking about a new kind of love interest for Peter Parker that hasn't been attempted before and I thought about one character I really like and I wanted to give her more spotlight because she's just awesome. Kate Bishop, who is now the new Hawkeye, has been one of my most favorite characters and I would love to see this character get more attention.

So for this I've been carefully trying to find the right kind of materials needed to make Kate stand out more, which to us as while to get it right as we gave her Hawkeye costume a crimson red with black and white for parts of the costume with some yellow for the hawk eye feature on it. The school uniform for Kate is actually based on Erina Nakiri from "Shokugeki no Soma" with some changes. Peter Parker is perhaps the most obvious one for me to do since I had a clear idea what he would look like, and the costume is something I've always wanted to see it happen. If many of you don't know this costume is based on the "Play Arts Kai" toy lines by Square Enix and is designed by Hitoshi Kondo who is one of the artist who designed costumes for the Final Fantasy games and it's toy lines. He also worked in the Final Fantasy XIII series as character texture designer

For this I wanted to do a story about two people from different schools and different backgrounds finding common ground in their path to being a hero as they become very close friends and later developing a deep interest in each other and how they will develop as equals and as a couple.

Here is my fanfic which this pic is slightly based on:…

Here's the bio for these two characters:

Peter Parker, student of Midtown Magnet High and the superhero known as Spider-Man. Born to SHIELD agents Richard and Mary Parker, and raised by Ben and May Parker with their daughter Zoe Parker. Gaining his spider-powers at the age of 13 and using his powers to help people 3 years on with his make-shift costume and his new scholarship with "Horizon", Peter suddenly gained the attention of SHIELD. Specifically Nick Fury who knew his parents personally and gave him a new spider-suit. Now with the help of SHIELD Peter fights evil in all parts of the world. Both as a scientist and as a superhero

Kate Bishop, student of Hawthorne Academy and the superhero Hawkeye. Born to the wealthy Bishop family, with her father as CEO of Bishop Enterprise, her mother Eleanor, her older Susan, and younger sister Heather. Studying in one of the most prestigious and elite private schools in the country, Kate is considered one of Hawthorne's most elegant beauties and the object of every boy's dream. Not only a straight "A" student and head-cheerleader, Kate's beauty has earned her a modelling job at "Covet", one of the world's exclusive fashion magazines. After a supervillain incident that accidentally grants her enchanted abilities which makes her more athletic, she was saved by Spider-Man and was met with SHIELD. Giving her a costume and a bow, Nick Fury has dubbed her Hawkeye, which once belongs to the late Clint Barton. Now Kate lives her life as both a hero and a model

As the two team up more and more, both Peter and Kate grew to become really good friends and team-mates. and later develop a deep respect for each other as equals. Leading the two to become an unstoppable superhero duo and later as a superhero couple 

These are the two bios for these characters as there were alot more to build up one, but I've shorten much of it here to get a general idea of these two character's background. But yeah I've been wanting to ship these two characters ever since I started my fanfic and I hope all of you would consider it too

Check out my fanfic and let me know what you think 

Support Bayushi:
Mary Bromfield/Madam Thunder
A personal project of mine. I've been itching to do some redesign works on certain characters that should get more attention, and I just like to make them look cool. The main reason for it is that I've always feel some of these characters could use some modernization and some comic book artist don't really take them further to make them stand out more. I like to imagine new things, but I always had trouble putting them into paper because of what I have right now. So for this I've decided to have my ideas commissioned and I've been looking for some artist who could deliver, and one that springs into mind is "Bayushi"

If many of you are familiar of him he did work with 
Tracy Scops, an one should be recognize is "Spidercest", which Bayushi did two issues off

With Bayushi's help we were able to get great results and they've been fantastic for me to come up with a few more

This is Bayushi's Patreon link and I request you give him more support:

For my first project I've thought about one character that springs to mind is Mary Bromfield, or better known as Mary Marvel. Well known as Mary Batson from the pre-52 era until renamed as 
Mary Bromfield in the New 52 line, Mary Marvel is a character we've known as part of the Shazam family, but I've always imagined her if she were to be a main Shazam from an alternate universe as the hero Madam Thunder. With the New 52 version being partly the inspiration for it. I discussed it with Bayushi on what the character would look like, and he has been truly fantastic to work with, and holy crap look at this and it truly is fantastic it came out

Here's the origin for this character:

Mary Bromfield, as a young girl in kindergarten she has many friends and is liked by the teachers. Even at home her parents always enjoyed her company. Especially her dad who is a well known scientist often refers to her as "Madam Charming" and likes to bring her to work as she is met by Doctor Thaddeus Sivana, who is her father's mentor and friend. Displaying an interest in science as Mary wanted to use her knowledge to help people like her father

However, as she grows older her friends grew jealous of her and became distant, and at home her mother often argues with her father  due to trouble at her workplace, but she is often talked by him to see the positives and not worry. Until one day she received a phone call that her father died and broke Mary into tears

At age 11, While still the smartest Mary is often alone as her former friends often made fun of her as she's been known as a nerd. Even at home she hasn't gotten well with her mother as she's working overtime. Feeling upset she leaves home at the night to walk around and think. Until she spots a car being crashed across a metal bridge. Mary quickly rushed over to see a man unconscious with a young child on the back seat as she went in ad tries to get them out, but as she got the man out the car moved forward to the edge as the metal bars closed the door, with Mary's coat being caught as she was dragged down to the sea. Unable to get out as the car moves fast down Mary realizes that this is now her end as she thinks back all the things that has happened to her, with only her thoughts about her dad. Suddenly, a bright light appeared and Mary was saved as she ends up in an unknown temple with hieroglyphics and marking as she meets the Wizard, who he reveals to her that she's one of the candidates that he and few others have selected to be their champion as he reveals his magic. Which shocked her as she has never witnessed real magic before. Seeing her act of heroism, the Wizard takes Mary to the "Rock of Eternity" and say the word "SHAZAM". As she said those words, a bolt of lightning struck her and was shocked to see that she has transformed into a grown woman, as the Wizard introduced her to the other magic users who offered to teach her

Now as a master of both magic and science, Mary was shocked to realize that it has been only a month and returns home. Only to see the town being attacked by a demonic beast. Using the knowledge she has gained, Mary defeats the beast and finds and confronts the man responsible for all of this. Doctor Sivana. Who has been corrupted by an evil stone, and murdered her father for his life-force to charge it's power, and is bent to unleash a terrible darkness and cover the earth. With pure knowledge and will, Mary stops and defeats the darkness, but Doctor Sivana was left lobotomized in the process. Changing back to her original form, Mary returns home to find her mother distraught and crying to see her daughter return, and her former friends there completely worried for her. Surprising Mary but made her happy

One year later, a 12 year old Mary now full of confidence now heads off to defeat any evil that stands in her way as the champion of magic as the world will now know her name. "Madam Thunder"

Hope you like it because there will be more redesigns on the way
Modern Day Golden Girl (2nd attempt)
This is my second attempt at this and I wanted to add something extra to this piece after I did the first version of it. Adding stripes from the shoulder to the arms. As well as adding a utility belt on her.

Not sure if it's alright now, but looks like an improvement
Modern Day Golden Girl
Hello there. Here I present a new costume for Audrey Page AKA Golden Girl

For a while now since I've seen Golden Girl in her 50's setting I'very been wondering what would Audrey look like in modern day era and what her costume would look like. I have a lot of ideas on what the costume would look like and I know exactly what the style would look like. Then I saw the sketches featuring four different versions of Golden Girl with different hair style and I liked one of the design that I want to use it. It took me an entire day but holy crap I've managed to finish it. It's not what I clearly pictured it to be as I have a different idea on what it would look like, but this is perhaps the closest I can do with what I currently have, and damn it came out looking great. Not only did I redesign the costume but I also gave Audrey an eye color. I had to change the color 8 times until I got the right one. The only trouble I have is the logo as I couldn't get the outline right, but regardless it came out alright.

Was not sure if I did it right, and if there are any white lines showing is because the program I use to color this has not got any features to make some improvements for this. If I have a better program then I'll try to improve on it later

Let me know what you guys think 


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Shahir Hameed
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